It's All About Attitude

The New York Minute Meets The Pura Vida Vibe


Best Of Both Worlds

Leveraging operations between New York, NY and San Jose, Costa Rica gives Pixel506 a significant advantage over other agencies, as our international team enjoys a unique, multi-cultural perspective.

It's All About Timing

In the same time zone, but nearly 5 hours apart, our talented team collaborates from two offices to give our clients the best products and services, developed and delivered by some of the most creative minds in the business.

Competitive Advantage

EST Time
2 Offices
4.5 Fly time

Technology & Innovation

At Pixel506 we are committed to innovation because it stimulates our imagination and drives our approach to each collaborative project we engage in. We take pride in our creative design, our data and technology driven development, and the solutions we deliver.

Over the last decade New York has seen tremendous growth in startups and software development.

Costa Rica has also experienced a leap forward in the development of technology, and a knowledge-driven economy. In fact, Costa Rica now boasts the highest software exports, per capita, in Latin America and ranks #11 in Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations of 2015, up 2 points from 2014.

Given the strides that information technology has taken in our own two backyards, we feel that we, at Pixel506, are at a great advantage, and thus able to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions to the clients with whom we partner.

WorldWide Technology Growth

18% Digital
621 New Tech
14% Regional
For 6Y
11# World

New York


Costa Rica

Our Core


Our task is to solve complex problems with simple solutions.


We aim to partner with our clients and to assist them in the over-achievement of their goals through the targeted, well-crafted design, development, and delivery of their digital assets.

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