Co-Creation: Together We Can Design Richer Experiences

Co-creation as a tool to develop user-centered products

When we talk about the creation of products or services that are user-centered, co-creation with our users is extremely helpful. It can make the difference between a product or service that is normal and one that is exceptional. It’s about creating a product or service that is focused on the final user. Co-creation is a design and strategy tool where we use a multidisciplinary team to develop ideas, based on activities planned by a moderator. A co-creation work session is guided by a moderator and implemented by a team in order to create ideas that will serve as inspiration for a tangible project

When should I use the tool?

These co-creation sessions can take place during or after the research and analysis phases of the project. They are ultimately about inspiring the creation of ideas. We use multi-disciplinary teams because they create richer ideas, based on the perspectives and experience of a variety of team members with different backgrounds.

Who should participate?

Participants should be filtered to make sure they fit the customer profile for that product or service. However, any team members can participate in the co-creation sessions to encourage other participants and promote creativity. As long as participants have the final goals of creating a user-focused product/service in mind, they can bring value to the process.


So what do businesses receive with these sessions?

Companies primarily get ideas about the product itself (how it should look, feel, ect.). They also get ideas about the functions and characteristics of the product, product evolution, and suggestions for improvements. This is just touching the tip of the iceberg. There are many other benefits to the ideas and collaboration that co-creation inspires.

Co-creation functions as a powerful marketing tool by helping you understand consumers and their needs. You can implement this tool as an applicable practice to study diverse scenarios. You can also use it as a collaborative exercise with sample customers. When you think from the perspective of your customers and users, you can’t go wrong with brainstorming in this way.

Thinking creatively generates innovative ideas aligned towards the needs of the client!

Are you certain your product or service is going to be a success with your customers?

Make sure your product/service is customer-focused and you’ll find more success.

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