Content Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing: Where they differ

Just because you post a lot on social media does not mean you are doing content marketing. Just because you have a great social media marketing strategy does not mean you have a great content marketing strategy. Some of the best digital marketing strategies uses both content marketing and social media marketing. Let’s take a look at what these two things really mean.

Social Media Marketing Definition:

This form of digital marketing is the use of social media platforms to share posts, interact with followers and customers, and increase brand awareness. The posts you share can be your own creations or shared from other sources. The idea of social media marketing is all about user engagement, so posts can range from funny to informative.

Content Marketing Definition:

This form of digital marketing is about creating original, interesting, and valuable content, whether in the form of video, blog, or podcast. The key here is the word valuable. If your content isn’t giving some sort of value to your audience, then it isn’t content marketing. If your content is a sales pitch, then it isn’t content marketing. Simply funny posts can be great for brand interaction, but aren’t necessarily content marketing either. The main idea of content marketing is helping your followers, users, and customers and placing yourself as an industry expert.


Where Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing Come Together

Now that we’ve established how these two digital marketing strategies are different, they do overlap in one important way.


Creating content and posting it to YouTube or a blog isn’t enough. You have to share that content on social media platforms in order to spread the word and get people to actually consume the content.

You can get a lot of use out of your content for the purpose of social media marketing. Pick out important or interesting quotes from your content to turn into graphics or sound bites. Write out the summary or important points for an infographic.

Start conversations with your content by using social media marketing. They might not be the same, but if your strategy involves both, then you are on the right path.

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