Working For Your Customer’s Success Will Bring Your Company Prosperity

Does your product or service have problems you just don’t know how to fix? Or maybe you want to create a new product/service and you’re not sure if it will work the way you want it to. Save your company the time, money, and grief with Design Thinking.

What is Design Thinking?


Design Thinking is a methodology that designers use to solve the complicated and complex problems that clients face. It’s about moving past the problem and focusing on the solution and actions. Design Thinking designers move forward and solve the problem, ideally before it becomes an issue.

As opposed to what most people think, it’s not just about sticking post-its on a wall all day long. That’s a misconception people have. Design Thinking is a process and mindset that uses creative strategies to create or optimize products or services based on a user-centered  framework.

What does User-centered mean?

It means you design everything about the product/service with the final user in mind. You base everything on the primary needs of the user, not just the needs of the company.  


How does it work?

Design Thinking is a repetitive, continual, and holistic process used in problem solving. It’s composed of diverse stages of creation that converge, diverge and repeat. Primarily multi-disciplinary teams use this methodology because it lets them leverage their different backgrounds to work together.

Each person adds valuable information to the process, based on their field of expertise.

Generally the process starts with an Empathy phase where we start understanding the real user pains and needs. The second phase Define refers to the creation of a Point of View based on the information from the previous phase. The third phase Ideate works on bringing up ideas that will help solve the user pains detected on the first phase. These ideas take the form of a Prototype during the next phase, a prototype that is  Tested and Implemented later on.

Design Thinking or User Experience?

If it sounds like Design Thinking and User Experience are sounding pretty similar, you’re not wrong. They’re both methodologies aimed at solving user problems (before they happen ideally). This means they’re both user-centered. User Experience focuses on the user when it comes to primarily digital products and services, like UI, apps, and strategy. On the other hand, Design Thinking can be applied to just about any other product or service. But they definitely walk hand-in-hand.

Design Thinking is about being results/action/solution oriented instead of focusing on the problems you face. It is the way you continue to move forward and innovate.

You might have problems with a product or a service. Or you might be preparing to design a new one. Don’t take another step without using the Design Thinking methodology. Make sure your product/service is really as good as you want it to be. It will save you time, money, and loads of grief.

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