User Journey Mapping (Infographic)

Users are on a journey with your brand

All businesses consist of services. Even if you provide an informative website, you are still providing a service, in a way. Your service is informing. There’s a before, a middle, and an end in all interactions with brands.

What does it mean to have a before, middle, and end? It means your users, customers, and audience is on a journey with your brand. Maybe it’s a long journey and maybe it is a short journey. Either way, it’s still something you need to put thought, research, and strategy into. That’s where user journey mapping becomes crucial.

User Journey Maps

Let’s take a visual look at what user journey mapping gives you as a business.

The first step to optimizing is knowing what is currently happening. Mapping lets you know what your users are doing and what your users should be doing. Compare the two and see where you have gaps in the journey. Then you will know what you need to do to improve.


The key points in a user’s journey are the times they need to make a decision. These decisions can include anything such as:

  • Purchases
  • Subscribing
  • Read more
  • CTA clicks
  • Any other clicks involved with navigation

These are the points that you need to pay special attention to. Make sure you are setting up the user for making those key decision. Make sure you are setting up expectations and fulfilling those expectations afterwards.


Gaps and user pains are one of the things you’ll be looking for as you map navigation and pay attention to key decisions.

Gaps might look like inconsistencies between what you want users to do and what users are actually doing. You might find that certain navigation is confusing or that you need to change the way you say or show something. Gaps can also look like missing information. It could be a CTA in the wrong place. User journey mapping is about finding these gaps and proactively solving them.

User pains are times when users aren’t getting what they want out of your service. It’s possible that you set up false expectations or didn’t explain something enough. Maybe you need to provide a little more for your users. Either way, you need to understand how these pains fit into your map so you can make sure to address them.



User Journey Mapping is about solving problems

Everyone wants to create a great product and provide a great service. A big part of this is solving problems with the services you offer. The difference between those who effectively do this and those who don’t is in the strategy. Are you guessing and shooting in the dark? Or are you acting based on an informed strategy. User journey maps can make the difference between the two. It’s the first step to really making a difference.

Service Design Tools

How can we solve these problems? With service design tools, such as:

  • Co-creating
  • Testing and Prototyping
  • Role Playing
  • Affinity Diagram
  • Motivation Matrix
  • Storytelling
  • Character Personas and Profiles

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