What’s New For Pixel506 Social Media and Content Marketing

2017: The year of new beginnings

This last year marked a huge change in how we as a company saw our own digital marketing strategy. The big initiator of change was our new content marketing strategy. 2017 was the first year we created a definitive content strategy.

At first, we created one article per week and promoted it on Facebook and LinkedIn. Our very first article is titled “5 Ways User Experience Boosts ROI“. We saw pretty good success with those first posts, so we bumped our production to two articles and posts per week and added a bi-weekly newsletter.

We also expanded our social media marketing overhaul to Instagram and Twitter. Our main focus was pushing the company blog content with these different social media platforms. We used graphics, infographics, and videos primarily.


To date, we have created:

48 Blog Articles

195 Instagram Posts

18 Videos on Facebook and a ton more on our CEO, Antonio’s Instagram

20 Infographics

22 GIFs

And so many more posts and graphics

And we’re just getting started.

2018: The year we take it all to the next level

This year is the year of content in a big way. Our new strategy turns our 1-2 article a month into an articor just about every day. The key is to avoid just making a lot of noise and keep organized.

To avoid making a lot of noise, we are assigning each day a topic. For example, on Tuesdays we will talk about Content Marketing, Wednesdays will be about Social Media Marketing, and Thursdays about User Experience, ECT. The idea is to provide helpful information so that you know when it is coming. We are acting almost more like a media company than a digital marketing company.

We are also going to be adding a lot more movement. GIFs, videos, and other interactive strategies are going to be great this year. It’s all about interesting our followers and showcasing our content and skills.

The third big change is about how we advertise our content. We’ve found that ads do better when they focus more on giving useful tips than when they try to sell you the content. We’re going to run with this and advertise our content with almost more like mini infographics than what we’ve done before. We want people to read and watch our content, but even if you don’t have time, our graphics can still give you valuable information.


Always growing. Always changing. Always moving forward.

That’s a big motto we have when it comes to Content and Social Media Marketing. And we are excited that you are here to witness our content evolution.


About Pixel506

Pixel506 is a digital marketing company that believes in the intersection of quality writing, design, and technology. Together, these three major components create some of the best digital marketing and content marketing campaigns that bring about the kind of leads and conversions that boost ROI and bring real growth to your company.