We’re An “Experience Design” Agency With Uncompromising Focus on Customer Care


Since the beginning we have served, and partnered with, businesses and organizations throughout the United States and Latin America.

Analysis & Strategy

Metrics + Planning = Project Success

We begin with a thorough analysis of the organization and the target market, as well as the objectives of the project; we proceed with the appropriate creative strategy.

- Market and data analysis
- Assessment of current digital assets
- Project objectives
- Conceptualization
- Planning

Design & Development

Analysis + Design + Development = Positive UX

Brand presence and user participation is established through the use of a 360-degree approach to design and development, resulting in positive user experience.

- Engagement and flow
- Platform specific interaction
- Static content development targeted to user and SE optimization
- Onsite SEO
- Responsiveness

Content Marketing

Marketing Strategy + Data = Growth

Marketing and engagement strategies harness the analytics of big data to target communications effectively. Data is applied to communicate brand presence through online and offline marketing and advertising efforts.

- Metrics
- Analysis
- Dynamic content development
- Content distribution
- Engagement

Clients Love Us!

"Pixel has a unique and valuable combination of skills including creativity, technology and marketing. My team loves them." Frank Casale, Founder and CEO, Outsourcing Institute & Institute for Robotic Process Automation

The Process

1. Consultation and Analysis

- Identify client objectives
- Understand brand architecture
- Discovery Phase, Positioning
- Data Analysis
- Market Research
- Business trends and benchmark

2. Creative Design

- Utilize findings to create visual solutions
- User centric approach strategy. Service design
- Wireframes, concepts and creative content

3. Prototyping

- Solutions in action for quick feedback
- Clickable wireframes and applications
- Decision-making on the go

4. Development

- Agile Project Management
- Open Source Technologies
- Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

5. Marketing

- Inbound marketing strategies
- Database lead generation
- Scale digital assets according to indicators
- Dynamic content creation, management and improvement

6. Metrics

- Campaign follow-up
- Decisions made on analytics
- System optimization and performance