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  • 1. Inspirational Quotes on Entrepreneurship

    10 Quotes For Every Entrepreneur to Live By

    Starting a company is a thrilling ride with tremendous highs and at times, challenging lows, but one thing that always helps me through the peaks and valleys is connecting with some of the greatest minds of our time. The following are just a ten of my favorite inspirational quotes on entrepreneurship for when you need a little pep talk.

    by Antonio Ramirez

  • 2. Design Trends Going Forward

    Website Design is taking some interesting turns

    Almost on the daily, web design develops, techniques change, and gorgeous, user friendly, interactive, responsive sites are published. I’m excited about the possibilities that are yet to land on the scene. The following are some design trends I have noticed this year, and a little of what I expect to see more of.

    by Antonio Ramirez

  • 3. 7 Books Entrepreneurs Should Read

    A reading list to inspire personal growth and business development

    There are probably thousands of great books that every entrepreneur can read to learn and grow. Though a daunting task, I’ve narrowed it down to 10 of my favorites.

    by Antonio Ramirez

  • 4. Technology Trends 2015 & Beyond

    Top tech innovations to keep your eye on

    From biosensors in your Smart Watch to MEMS in your Levis, ambient computing is becoming the only trend in 2015, and it’s all about the UX.

    by Antonio Ramirez

  • 5. Essential Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Incorporate

    Successful Entrepreneurs Regularly Cite Certain Key Elements That Direct Their Daily Actions

    Forming good productivity habits is crucial to entrepreneurial success. According to a research report issued by Duke University, 40% of our daily actions and behaviors occur automatically as a result of the habits we’ve developed. Successful entrepreneurs have figured this out and they turned positive behaviors into daily habits, thereby supercharging a huge portion of their work lives.

    by Antonio Ramirez

  • 6. Watching Wearables

    Trending Wearable Technology for 2015

    Wearable technology is poised to burst onto the mainstream in a big way. Big tech brands like Google, Apple, Tesla and others are continually bringing to market new and innovative wearables.

    by Antonio Ramirez

  • 7. How to incorporate SEO and content marketing into positive UX

    4 UX Elements That Embrace SEO and Content Marketing

    SEO is a discipline of design, content and technology. Old school designers must embrace a holistic approach to UX design. Here are 4 main elements to consider:

    by Antonio Ramirez

  • 8. How Marketers Can Use Deep Links to Drive User Experience

    We are slowly but steadily embarking on a "mobile only" journey across the globe, where our daily interactions, life management, and purchasing decisions happen on mobile devices.

    by Antonio Ramirez

  • 9. The Big Data Trajectory

    New Horizons for Business and Marketing

    Big data is the trending topic of the day. In fact, it has become synonymous with “opportunity” in the minds of business and information technology leaders.

    by Antonio Ramírez

  • 10. UX Best Practices- Know When to Hold ‘Em

    and Know When To Bend Them a Little

    User Experience (UX) best practices deliver the framework for a repeatable process. Best practices enable web development teams to accomplish their goal of optimal UX with a good deal of certainty that they are taking the right steps, and in the right order.

    by Antonio Ramírez

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