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From top to left

The main menu is now on the left, there you will find 6 buttons with: Create campaigns, Campaigns, Goals, Tools, Billing, and Admin. Easy, right?

In the Campaigns tab, you will discover a seamless organization of your campaigns, ad groups, and ads, all conveniently at your fingertips. Let’s talk briefly about our favorite addition, the new Insights, and Reports tab. This powerful feature offers valuable data and performance insights to give a deeper understanding of your campaigns' progress. This information also helps you maximize campaign investment.

The new Google Ads interface, Managing and Tracking Goals has become more intuitive than ever before. You now have the power to set new goals, assign values, and understand the impact of each goal on your overall marketing performance. This allows you to prioritize your efforts, focusing on the goals that yield the highest returns.

In Tools, you will find the old reliable tools like the keyword, performance, and reach planner, as well as new tools that allow for bulk actions and creating A/B testing.

In Billing, you will find payment information, invoices, and set new payment methods. This updated version has a better user-friendly interface, making billing-related tasks a breeze.

Last but not least, within the Admin tab, you hold the reins to customize preferences, stay in the loop with notifications, and seamlessly collaborate with partners.

Congratulations on completing this quick journey through the new Google Ads interface! We hope this tour has left you feeling more confident and excited about the fresh features and enhanced capabilities that await you.

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