Development is the engine that drives your business, and we know it! Our nearshore qualified team offers the best software solutions to simplify even the most demanding requirements. Our Dev Team-Top LATAM Talent- simplifies the complexity of the ever-evolving digital landscape through seamless digital services shaped by technology.

Our Process

We create custom and template sites that perform perfectly and look great. By combining the technical skills of software developers with the creativity and inspiration of visual designers, we deliver a product that will do your company make business online. All software we create is thoroughly tested and adjusted until we are sure it is as functional, stable, and secure as possible before launch.


eCommerce Development

We integrate custom-designed eCommerce sites that help customers make buying decisions. Our sites focus on attention-grabbing calls-to-action, a clear sales funnel, and fast-loading sites so your sales can go down without a hitch.


Frontend Development

We create fully functional and interactive user-facing applications with the latest markup languages, scripts, and frameworks. Our front-end developers make sure your web applications offer the best usability with even design across different platforms and browsers.


Backend Development

Pixel506 backend services help you deliver highly dynamic software applications to meet the most demanding end-user requirements. Our back-end developers create top quality software optimized for maximum efficiency, speed, and scalability. We are technology agnostic, so it's normal for us to use robust server-side programming languages, databases, frameworks, and tools to build clean and reusable code.


Quality Assurance

Ensure that your software does what it is supposed to do and works the way it needs to in a variety of potential circumstances. Testing types include user acceptance, regression, bug verification, exploratory, and security testing. Your software is only as good as its testing, after all!


Accesibility Dev and Testing

Make sure your website, web applications, and mobile applications are easily used by people of all backgrounds and abilities. Don't leave entire populations out by having software that only a few can use.

UX/UI Design


Luxy came to us in need of guidance, seeking a company that would provide UX/UI solutions for their limousine digital solution. From an idea to an MVP to a fully functional app, we were honored to help during the whole process.

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We Also Make

We are passionate about everything digital. Our UI/UX team designs user interfaces that increase conversion, reduce the cost of maintenance and build a consistent user experience.


Creative Copywriting

Our custom-made content strategy for your industry and target audience means all your brand messages will be unified and geared towards your ultimate goal: reaching and connecting with your clients. We first analyze your content, optimize it, and create new content that is more effective at communicating with your clients.


Information Architecture & User Experience

Craving a website or product that your clients actually want and enjoy using? Our User Experience experts excel at creating intuitive, easy-to-use wire-frames and blueprints based on user research, so you can be confident that your website or product will be a success.


eCommerce Website Design

We integrate custom-designed eCommerce sites that help customers make buying decisions. Our sites focus on attention-grabbing calls-to-action, a clear sales funnel, and fast-loading sites, so your sales happen without a hitch.



Your logo is the very first thing your potential customers see. We provide professional, personalized logos based on your brand's values, industry, and target audience. Together we’ll catch your audience’s interest and reflect your brand's personality.


Product Design

Design is paramount when it comes to building great products. Your visual and experiential design takes center-stage with us.


Cross-platform Experience

With such a vast number of available devices, it’s imperative we think beyond availability across platforms, and that we consider how users can truly benefit from multiple platforms.


User Research & Testing

Research is the only way to understand the people who will be using your design. At Pixel506, we create informed, user-centric design solutions.


Hosting Management

Do you need a server configuration to host your website on AWS or media temple systems? We can also check the security configuration for your domain to make your website more secure for your business and your users, avoiding potential theft of passwords and other information.


Banking Testing

Need banking software assistance? Access our QA engineers who come with a wealth of experience in banking and financial industries. hey will apply their industry knowledge to fulfill your banking software needs.

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