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UX/UI Design

What's the best APP prototyping process?

The right prototyping tools and processes can make all the difference in the design and user experience process. With great tools, designers and clients can quickly get a good visual grasp on how a product will look, function and feel to a user. In this article, we will explore how prototyping tools and processes work and offer suggestions for some of the best products on the market currently. 

UX/UI Design

What Are Some UI/UX Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Mobile App?

How many times have you downloaded a mobile app only to uninstall it later, disappointed by its performance? When a mobile app is sluggish, unresponsive, or difficult to use, users will delete it and never download it again. So, when designing a mobile app, the end-user should always be top of mind. In this blog, we’ll dive into common UI/UX mistakes that can ruin your mobile app―and how to avoid them.

UX/UI Design

What Is the Difference between a Front-End Developer and a UI/UX Designer?

When building a website, mobile application, or software product, the goal should always be to launch an effective, visually appealing, and intuitive user experience. A poor design or disappointing user experience can make your product appear outdated, unprofessional, and even less trustworthy. With the right UI/UX designer and front-end developer on board, you can create end products that will increase your wow-factor and convert leads into sales.

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