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Data Modeling

We help our clients make the most of data helping drive smart decision-making that can take your business to the next level.

Data Management and Modeling

What is Data Modeling?

Data Modeling is the process of documenting software and business system design for the optimal flow of data. This is done with diagrams, symbols and any other textual references that represent the flow of data through the system design, which can range from a software application to the entire data architecture of a business. Data modeling tracks data and makes sure that it’s being optimized for business.

Data modeling follows a flow that looks something like this:

  • Data is collected.
  • Data is cleaned to make sure its relevant and accurate. What isn’t valid is thrown out.
  • Data is analyzed, giving a clearer picture of a target audience.
  • The information from the data can be used to make business decisions.


Why Data Modeling it’s important for businesses?

The analysis of data is highly valuable to an organization. Before it can be properly analyzed, however, data must be organized. There are large numbers of data sources and data lakes that store information, and data management is critical. Not all data is relevant to a business and not all data is equal in its value. So it’s important that data is managed well and that data models are created to apply proper filters.

At Pixel 506 we help you collect and manage your data to make maximum use of it. We create data lakes and then clean the data to make sure you reference only what is relevant. From here, together we can ask answerable questions to the data, learning more about who your clients are, what they need and how you can best serve them. Past data can yield predictive insights into the future that set businesses up for success. We help create models that answer questions and help make key business decisions.



We investigate current data collection structures.



We roadmap the route to optimal data collection design, storage and modeling.



We provide the engineering and knowledge to normalize data making sure you have relevant information. We analyze and understand data so that you can use it to make future decisions.



We ensure that your data answers your business questions and can take your business to the next level.



Agility is part of a successful digital strategy. We allocate teams to work on your project and let you get back to the business of running a business. We understand that to be AGILE business must be focused on its clients while simultaneously identifying and investing in the future. That’s why we work in a continuous change, continuous deployment cycle. During the product cycle we always:

1. Find Momentum

2. Look for Insights

3. Create Ideas

Once ideas are validated we deploy and track them, making sure they produce results. In the meantime, a new sprint starts and so on.

We can help

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