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Digital Marketing

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Content marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that uses unique, valuable and informative content to market your business to its target audience with tangible results. Our content marketing strategies include brand strategy that ensures marketing copy has the appropriate tone, structure, visuals and SEO to make your business stand out. Content marketing has a wide scope in the form of blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts and more. Regardless of the platform, the goal of content marketing is to connect with a target audience to amplify brand awareness, loyalty and ultimately create sales.


Inside our content marketing strategy

Content marketing is one of the many ways that businesses can connect with its users and provide valuable information and services to its customers. At Pixel506, one of the cornerstones to our strategy is to remember that every product or service is solving a user’s problem and in some way streamlining their lives and making more time for the things they truly enjoy. When we view business from a customer centric standpoint, the goal of marketing becomes to connect users with the right solutions.



Together we analyze your current content marketing strategy as well as your target audience.



Our marketing teams strategize the best methodology to create a content strategy that will resonate with your target audience.



Our teams begin creating and placing content that will strike the right chord and deliver value.



As part of our ongoing commitment, our teams will be with you every step of the way throughout your content marketing journey.


Client focused/result oriented

Agility is part of a successful digital strategy. We allocate teams to work on your project and let you get back to the business of running a business. We understand that to be AGILE business must be focused on its clients while simultaneously identifying and investing in the future. That’s why we work in a continuous change, continuous deployment cycle. During the product cycle we always:

1. Find Momentum

2. Look for Insights

3. Create Ideas

Once ideas are validated we deploy and track them, making sure they produce results. In the meantime, a new sprint starts and so on

UX Insights


E-Commerce Strategies for Post Pandemic Shopping

Over the last decade, most companies have complemented their traditional sales and distribution methodologies with digital platforms. Digital commerce offers access to a culture of online experiences and shopping that vary from conventional methods. Becoming a digital brand is not as simple as creating a website; it involves many layers. Each aspect of digital commerce must be done well. 


Strategies for Successfully Navigating Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is a growing industry that revolves around the culture of selling and buying online and encompasses the design, marketing, and technology that go into online sales. It continues to play a relevant role as the demands of e-commerce expand. It is no longer enough to set up a shop online and wait for customers to find it. There’s a lot that goes into successful online selling and digital commerce tackles this as an entire ecosystem.


The Advantages of Hiring a Digital Agency

As things change rapidly across the digital media landscape, there’s a trend toward hiring digital agencies. This blog seeks to answer the questions, what is a digital agency, how does it differ from a traditional agency and what does a digital agency offer its clients?

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