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Quality Assurance

There’s no room for error in your business. That’s why we have dedicated teams that work tirelessly to assure the quality of your products.


What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is the process of ensuring that all quality requirements of a product are met. In software development, this involves testing the work of engineers to ensure that it meets client specifications as well as industry best-practices. Quality assurance is designed to give confidence to all parties that the engineers and development team create a product that will not only follow client specifications, but will also function well for the end user. Testing cycles should be completed regularly as they will also disclose any bugs and allow ample time to correct them.

At Pixel506, our engineers conduct all the appropriate software testing on products to ensure that they are perfectly functioning— even under the direst of circumstances. From manual functional testing to fully automated testing, our goal is to ensure the quality of your digital product. We use the most up-to-date testing methods and latest technologies to enable your products to function at the highest level.


Why QA is important for businesses?

Quality assurance is important for business because it ensures that products go to market functioning perfectly to specifications. A glitchy or slow product can be disastrous for a business as users are fickle and not prone to patience when it comes to software. Quality assurance testing finds and eliminates any bugs which could be costly for a business not only in its product but in it’s brand’s reputation.

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Together, we examine the product and its functions.



We select all the appropriate testing for each product.



Our engineers run tests, eliminating any pain points and are able to ensure the delivery of a top-quality product every time.



Our teams continually test while remaining in constant touch so that the final product exceeds expectations and functions perfectly.



Agility is part of a successful digital strategy. We allocate teams to work on your project and let you get back to the business of running a business. We understand that to be AGILE business must be focused on its clients while simultaneously identifying and investing in the future. That’s why we work in a continuous change, continuous deployment cycle. During the product cycle we always:

1. Find Momentum

2. Look for Insights

3. Create Ideas

Once ideas are validated we deploy and track them, making sure they produce results. In the meantime, a new sprint starts and so on


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