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Nice to meet you, we’re Pixel506


Pixel506 is an end-to-end software development company in Costa Rica. With over 12 years of experience in building websites, applications, and software products, we have helped dozens of businesses maximize results by integrating our suite of services.

We’re an efficient partner both in project-based outsourcing and maintaining dedicated teams that become an extension of your organization. We provide high-performing and experienced software engineering teams that fit your business culture. As your partner, we take pride in your success.


Why you should want to partner with us

Partnering with Pixel506 is an excellent first step on a journey leading to your success. Leverage our skills to build your brand, launch your product or project, or improve your processes.

End-to-End Solutions

Pixel506 is more than a software development firm, we deliver efficient project management from start to end that minimizes spending and increases efficiency.

Proven Track Record

Our comprehensive yet customized solutions have a proven track record of delivering innovative software products to organizations of different sizes and sectors.

U.S. Entity

As a Brooklyn-born company, we are experienced with United States securities laws, regulations, and statutes. To make things easier for clients, we charge U.S. dollars.

Same Time Zones

Your external team works in the same, or similar, time zone as your internal team, which allows for easy and efficient communications.

Global Mindset

Our bilingual team consists of 95+ team members from different countries, continents, and backgrounds, which has allowed us to develop and sustain a global mindset.

Top Talent

We have a rigorous selection process that provides a sense of security: we only work with highly professional industry experts, and so will you.

Cultural Alignment

We seek cultural alignment with our clients, effectively extending ourselves to be part of your team.

Collaborative Culture

Our collaborative culture enables team members to bring their own unique skills, values, and expertise to each project.

Professional yet Playful

We are professional in all we do and serious about our client’s success, yet easy and fun to work with.

Our services, your solution

From fully managed teams to individual developers, our staffing services provide software development solutions for ambitious start-ups to enterprise-level companies across all industries.


App Development for Web & Mobile Services

Boost your business or idea with top-quality app development for web & mobile services. Our team creates visually appealing & functional apps that provide real value to your customers or users.


CMS implementation Services

Looking to streamline your website management? Our CMS implementation services can help! Our team will set up and customize a content management system that fits your specific needs, making it easy to update and maintain your website.


Data Modeling Services

Transform your data into valuable insights with our expert data modeling services. Our team will help you make data-driven decisions for your business.


DevOps Services

Looking to improve your development and operations processes? Our DevOps services can help you streamline your workflow and accelerate delivery, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Product Development Services

Transform your ideas into successful products with our expert product development services. From concept to launch, we'll help bring your vision to life.


Quality Assurance Services

Ensure the quality and success of your product with our comprehensive Quality Assurance services. Our team of experts will thoroughly test and validate your product to ensure it meets the highest standards.


Web Development Services

Transform your online presence with our top-quality web development services. From stunning design to custom functionality, we'll help you create a website that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


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What clients say

Who can tell you better about partnering with Pixel506 rather than our clients? So, let them do the talking.

“I'm super proud of our new website. I truly never understood the amount of work that goes into ideating and developing a new website from start to finish. I have a major appreciation for Pixel506 who helped bring our Shiru vision to life!”

Alex De Los Reyes

Marketing Manager

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