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Step number 1

In your GA4 account navigate to admin and then click on events.

Step number 2

Inside the events workspace, click on “create event” and then click on “create”

Step number 3

Once you are inside the “create event” panel, name the custom event, without blank spaces just underscore each word like this example click_to_apply_external_link. Then copy and paste the following text in each condition like the image.

Parameter: event_name

Operator: equals

Value: external_link_click

Parameter: element_url

Operator: contains

Value: the link you need to track with https:// For instance:

Last, click “save”.

Congratulations! You have now created the event and just need to wait a couple of days to turn it into a conversion. But we have a time-saver if you do not want to wait for it to show up.

Click on Conversions and then “New conversion event”

Now paste the same name without blank spaces and then click on “save.”

Extraordinarily easy, right? That is all for now, see you in the next article! 👋

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