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Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is widely known to digital marketers, and one that brings in tangible results and content marketing benefits. Content marketing strategy works on the creation, management and distribution of content in many forms: written, audio, visual, multi-media and more. This content is strategically placed in different platforms and in various formats to build a relationship with users. The content is useful and informative. It doesn’t scream: “come buy this now.” It’s a longer process to achieve conversions, but it also builds loyalty. 

How can a blog that isn’t explicitly selling something actually create a conversion in the end? How do you measure the return on investment ROI from content marketing? These are all valid questions.

Measuring Content Marketing Results

Marketing departments must accept that content marketing can and does produce results. Content marketing does produce tangible results and content marketing has specific benefits that can be measured but perhaps not in traditional ways. 

Let’s look at the results we can get with content marketing in the following series of content marketing infographics.

Content Marketing Benefits: Audience

One of the easiest metrics to measure from content marketing is the engagement with the audience. It’s easy to see your number of views, shares, comments, and saves. The benefits of an active community created by content marketing strategy around your brand include the following:

  • You have an audience to study so you can find out what they really think about your brand.
  • These people include current and potential users that you can sell to.
  • People who are engaged with branded marketing content are more likely to feel like they identify with a brand, report higher satisfaction, and are more likely to return to buy from you in the future. They’re also more likely to share your brand with their own communities.

Content Marketing Benefits: SEO

Written content gives you an opportunity to include keywords that people search for when searching for the kind of products or services your company offers. 

The more quality content you have with these keywords, the better search engines like Google will reward you by boosting your ranking on their search engine results pages.

When you rank higher on results pages, you are more likely to be clicked on by those people looking for your products and services, even if they don’t know who you are. Many users come to company websites, not through the Home or Services pages, but through relevant article pages. A content marketing strategy should also include SEO.

Content Marketing Benefits:Brand Recognition

The best case outcome of creating content in your field is reaching the point where people relate your name to your industry. Do people think of your company when they think of what you do? Are you the first name that comes to mind? By creating high quality, original, experience-based content that people read and watch, you are showing people that you know what you’re talking about. You are building expertise and loyalty as well as a presence around your service.

When people think of dandruff, they think of Head & Shoulders. Amusement parks? Disneyland. Business school? Harvard. These are all brands that are immediately thought of for their industries. That’s the goal: become an industry expert and find your niche. But to get to this point, first you have to show that you know what you’re talking about, and that means creating content.

Content Marketing Benefits: Helping Hand

Providing genuinely helpful content is a great way to prove that you are there to help users succeed. And that can make all the difference between you and an equally qualified competitor. Helping your clients solve problems through marketing content strategies is a rewarding aspect of content marketing.

Content marketing strategies also include retention. How do you keep a customer satisfied and thinking of you? Content is one answer. Content helps keep a brand relevant and desirable.

Content Marketing Benefits: Finding an Agency

If you’re a small business and don’t have time or manpower to invest in content marketing strategy. It’s advisable to find a content marketing agency to help manage the task of creating, managing and publishing content. A marketing agency provides expertise on how to best get your brand out into the world with the maximum content marketing results. They can help design and oversee entire marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that agencies can also provide a new set of eyes and a fresh perspective to your brand’s existing marketing. Creativity is part of the package.

Content Strategy Marketing Boosts ROI

Content marketing, when done correctly with appropriate user research, expertise, quality execution, and appropriate marketing, is ROI positive. It might not be as easy to measure as other marketing strategies. But it is measurable. And it does work. The ROI of investing in content marketing strategies is overwhelmingly positive. 


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