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How To Get To Know Your User

One of the most frequent questions when starting a project is how to get to know the user you are targeting your product/service at. How can you do even a preliminary brainstorming if you don’t have this information? It’s the absolute first step for any project. Our favorite way to get to know our users is with persona profiles.

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Persona Profiles Study Your Target Audience

These profiles are used to represent a group of people with characteristics in common. It’s a way to look at an entire population through the eyes of one (or a sample) of it’s members. We can say that these profiles represent micro-styles. These profiles should reflect the target market for your product or service.

You can create these profiles from zero, or you can use a template from the web. Generally, the templates should contain information like: age, name, goals, communication channels they use, frustrations, needs, personality, and motivations, among others. You want to include information that will directly relate to your product or service, but the profiles also go deeper. You look at things like why they make decisions the way they do, what motivates them in life, and what their personal aspirations are. By looking at all of this information, you’ll get to know your target audience in a much deeper way. When you know your user so well, you can predict what they are going to do in any situation, then you know you’re on the right path.

Take A Look At The Main Steps To Create A User Persona:

  1. Define your target market
  2. Create a “canvas” of the persona
  3. Research the ethnography of the target market
  4. Verify the data on the canvas.

The profile should include information that is relevant to the project you are developing. The way to make this truly valuable is to have this profile based on the actual user so that you can confirm that what you are creating will be truly useful and will solve a real need for the target audience. Get this information from actual interviews or observations of your target audience. The idea of this exercise is to not make assumptions about your target user, but to collect real data.

Marketing Application Of Personal Profiles

On the marketing level, user experience, service design, customer behavior, and any knowledge you can get about the target audience is necessary to make sure your work aligns with their needs. This means that no design strategy should be out of sync with the knowledge of the consumer. Because if you don’t do this, then you might find yourself wasting thousands of dollars on beautiful marketing campaigns that aren’t even targeted at the right audience.

Know Your User, Improve Your Strategy

Whatever efforts you make to get to know your user shouldn’t just sit there. This isn’t just an exercise that we do for fun. Your results should directly affect your strategy, whether it is a brand strategy, product/service strategy, or a marketing strategy.

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