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We can’t get away from them. Many of us aren’t even interested in getting away from them. That’s because not all digital ads are created equally. We dismiss some ads without ever really seeing or reading them. We block others. Our eyes linger on some, but ultimately continue on without giving it a second thought. Some make us laugh. Some make us think. And there are the special ones that we love enough to send to a friend.

We don’t even know when we’re seeing a digital ad anymore. Kim Kardashian uses a specific soap and we don’t really know if she legitimately likes that soup or because the company that makes it gave her $500,000 to feature it. We see memes, quotes, and tips and find out they are coming from a brand. If done well, then we don’t care. We enjoy them, even.

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When a brand gives you some helpful advice or tips, you know they have a reason behind it. Of course, being helpful is rewarding in and of itself, but brands are built on customers. The hope is that if you help a potential customer out, they will be more likely to seek you out for future needs. These can include ads with advice or tips.


  • (About Social Media Marketing) Be authentic. Show what you are passionate about. People will naturally respond.
  • (About User Experience) Creating prototypes early will help your product find long term success.


Everyone is looking for answers. Or they are looking for information that will tip the scale and help them make a decision. This is an opportunity for marketers to fill the needs of their target audience. Show your audience you know what you are talking about and are current with changing trends. These can include statistics, did-you-knows, and industry news.


  • (About Content Marketing) 72% of marketers say relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic they employed.
  • (About Social Media Marketing) 700 million Instagram users. 80% of users follow brands. You do the math.


These are the ads that people first think of when you say the word “ad”. They are the ones that are clearly trying to sell you something. They aren’t bad, but should be done very strategically because people will get tired of them very fast. The best use for these kinds of ads on social media is to pay them and post just a few to your brand profiles. These can include promotions, sales pitches, and presentation of services.


  • Looking for a new look for 2018? It’s a great time for rebranding.
  • Need a logo that communicates your brand soul and intrigues your market?


Ads that seek to entertain, but don’t offer anything helpful, informative, or promotional, are still ads. They are messages that you can send out to try and influence your target audience to see you a certain way, whether that is as compassionate, funny, modern, or patriotic, to name a few. These can include memes, funny videos, GIFs, pop-culture references, inspirational quotes, or social service the company does or believes in.


  • (Inspirational) Success is the sum of all the small efforts you make day in and day out.
  • (Funny) When your client loves your idea.


Some kinds of ads might work better for your specific industry. But there’s a good chance that you can use a good variety of these kinds of ads for your social media platforms and channels. Just like there are many different kinds of people, there are many kinds of ways to show your brand and reach people with it. Find the right cocktail of ads that suits your brand best.


Pixel506 is a creative content and digital marketing agency. We help you with your digital marketing strategy by creating quality content that is integral to your industry and directed at your target audience based on user research. Our content marketing efforts improve brand positioning, increase leads, and boost conversion.

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