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Let’s get straight to it, in a global marketplace, digital marketing is both the present and future of marketing. Business is being conducted online. If you aren’t giving priority and devoting resources to digital marketing campaigns and other innovative strategies, it’s time to get on board.

Why Shift to Digital?

Our society is transforming digitally more each year than we could have imagined previously. Computers are doubling their capabilities every 12 months, and this rate is expected to increase. Changes in technology have affected how people receive information and make decisions. They watch shows on Netflix instead of cable and receive news from Facebook instead of the newspaper. The means of access to information is different and consumer actions have changed accordingly. 

Marketing must also evolve and innovate rapidly to keep pace with changes in consumer actions and expectations. Digital marketing is no longer part of a marketing strategy— it is the marketing strategy for innovation and growth.

What Makes Digital Marketing Different?

Digital marketing is tailored to its audience providing them with information that they’re interested in. Digital marketing innovations allow advertisers to reach their target market of consumers who will benefit from and connect with their products. Ads have shifted from annoying to helpful, from an interruption to a destination for informative material and experiences.

So what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is marketing through digital channels and may  include content marketing, search engine optimization, and digital campaigns that leverage social media platforms to reach people already interested in an industry’s services. These are just a few of the primary means of digital marketing. Let’s discuss some of the different channels for digital marketing:


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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the creation, publication, and sharing of original, relevant, useful, and most importantly, interesting content related to a field. The point of this strategy is to increase brand awareness and establish your organization's position as a thought leader in the industry.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants to be seen. In this digital world, that means, you need to be easily discoverable on search engines like Google and Bing. SEO digital marketing strategy boosts your visibility so that your organization will show up as an answer to queries and searches. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows a brand to connect with its users in a personalized way through email. Brands can advertise specific products and vary the tone and content of an email depending on which target audience or persona type the email is being sent to. Marketing innovations also allow for timed email sends based on past activity from a user on a website enhancing the probability for conversions. 

Social Media Advertising

Advertising is changing because consumer’s habits and needs are evolving. People are no longer reachable on TVs and newspapers. They’re online on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and more. And that’s where marketing must be too, to reach consumers and drive conversions. An additional benefit to digital: online campaigns let you act quickly based on analytics and give instant feedback. Adjustments can be made, campaigns can be changed or moved to different platforms. 

Digital Marketing: It’s more cost-effective and better at driving conversions

Targeted Marketing

Because of digital marketing’s ability to be tailored to specific audiences based on data, it is highly effective. While in the past marketing had to be done on a large scale to reach a specific target group, it is now able to be done in more personalized batches to reach a desired audience. With available data, research can easily be conducted and buyer personas can be created to help filter the marketing strategy to target a very specific audience. 

Measurable Results

Another advantage of digital marketing is the quick measurable results that it can provide to a business. Impressions, shares, views, page views and so forth are all available, as are likes and shares on social platforms. 

When marketing digitally, it’s easier to quickly track campaigns and measure results. A business can make real-time decisions on where its advertising dollars should be spent. If results show that the target group is no longer on Facebook but is active on Instagram, the business can quickly pivot and redirect its ads. This saves money by possibly concentrating on a smaller pool of potential clients and by quickly being able to connect with this group where they are, be it a specific social media channel or website or blog, etc. thereby creating more effective advertising and marketing. 

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In Summary

Digital marketing has innovated and enhanced marketer’s ability to connect with customers in a variety of ways through multiple means and platforms. Using available data about customers, creating buyer personas that allow advertisers to better “know” their target audience, coupled with data tracking and immediate results allow for unprecedented cost-efficiency in digital marketing.

Now, doesn’t this sound better than traditional marketing? You bet it does.

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Digital Marketing Takeaways

  1. There are several ways to market digitally, including Content Marketing: Bring clients to your brand by providing valuable information. Search Engine Optimization: Make your website rise to the top to capture attention in an organic search. Email Marketing: Connect with your clients through personalized emails. Social Media Advertising: Market to your target audience where they’re at through a variety of platforms.
  2. Digital marketing is more cost-effective as it allows businesses to reach a specific, target audience with greater ease than ever before.
  3. Instant feedback is available with digital marketing and this allows a business to know if its campaign is effective and to make any necessary changes quickly.

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