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So you have the best marketing campaign ever and you get some great leads. You have great search engine optimization (SEO) and people click on your website. The next piece of the puzzle is to drive conversions once you have leads.

It’s not enough to drive a bunch of visitors to your websites, if they go there, look, and don’t do anything. Visitors have to convert. They have to register, use, buy. So, how do you turn your visitors into conversions? How do you turn initial interest into a purchase, a registration, a customer?

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It All Goes Back To Customer Research.

You have to know your potential customers, first and foremost. Then, you have to tailor and optimize everything you do towards that customer profile. If your design and development team is only using standard templates to create their websites, landing pages, forms, and other user-facing elements, it’s a sign that you should look elsewhere for your experts. Make sure whoever is doing your marketing is tailoring everything the target audience sees to that target audience.

What Will This Look Like?

Your forms, calls-to-action, landing pages, and ads will all be optimized based on you, your brand, your product, your service. Not all templates fit all customers.

The design of your websites and web apps will make the journey clear for your customers, whether the goal is a purchase, registration, or some other action. The journey from entering until that action should be easy and straightforward

Why Do Visitors Leave Websites?

They leave because the company doesn’t offer what they thought it did. That’s not inevitable. You control what shows up on search engine results. You control what your company says in social media.

They leave because the website is confusing or clogged with advertisements. You have to make sure your site is clear.

You have control of your website. And it is your ability, and your responsibility, to make sure your website is designed to drive conversions, to turn visitors into customers.

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Drive Conversion Takeaways

  1. Marketing and SEO aren’t enough if your website design isn’t optimized to drive conversions.
  2. Customer research tells you how to design your website.
  3. Website design must be clear and straight-forward to reach the action goal.
  4. You have control of your website. Make it the best it can be.

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