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New Facebook Algorithm

Everyone in a digital marketing department or with a brand knows how hard it is market on Facebook these days. With their new algorithm, it can be almost impossible to reach your own followers, let alone new followers.

If you aren’t up-to-date on this new algorithm, then here’s what’s going on. Facebook recently started changing their algorithm to promote friend content above page content. Mark Zuckerberg’s reasoning was that he wants to promote Facebook as a way to connect with family and friends rather than to engage with brands.

If you are like me, there are brands that you enjoy engaging with. Maybe you find their content entertaining or helpful. Maybe they are personal brands that you like to follow, or even that you know personally.

Many people have complained about this new algorithm, claiming that they are tired of seeing the same 10 profiles over and over again. We’re tired of seeing the same kind of content all of the time without any variety. Many people would prefer some sort of balance between friend content and branded content. Or they would like to be able to choose which brands to see content about or not (which does exist, by the way).

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What Can You Do As A Follower?

As a follower, there are some things you can do to make sure you see more of the brands you want to see.

  • Make sure you comment, share, and react posts from your favorite brands. When we say “react”, this doesn’t just mean likes. It means the other emoji options. This engagement will show Facebook you like the brand enough to show it more in your news feed.
  • Pick your favorite brands and actively go to their profiles in order to see their content. It’s hard when your news feed isn’t constantly reminding you, but you can still go to their account to see them. Once at their page, you can go to the Following button and click “See First.”
  • Check if these brands have groups. The Facebook algorithm still promotes content from groups you are a part of.
  • Follow the other social media accounts of your favorite brands. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat are still active sites for branded content.

Whether you are looking to support local small businesses, brands with great content, or your favorite personal brands, followers have to do a little more on Facebook these days. But we can promise you, it means a lot to those brands that you do decide to give extra support effort.

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