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8 Ideas for Creating Valuable and Effective Online Content During COVID-19

It’s long been said that content is king. With the current and rapid shift to life online, having good content and an active online presence is more important than ever. So, why care about content? Not only does it contribute to optimal SEO practices, but content also gives a brand or business multiple opportunities and outlets within which it can develop a voice and new means to continually connect with potential and current clients.

We’ve outlined some helpful tips for effective communication in our current times. But before we fully dive in, let’s first consider how content lives (and thrives) differently in various platforms.

Website: Content on websites often takes the form of a blog attached to the site. Blogs are great vehicles for longer format messages and also allow brands to diversify themselves, covering a range of topics. 

Social Media: While this is a vast arena, content on social media tends to be shorter in format and image-driven. Usually, short messages are used to advertise a sale or a specific product and are made to explicitly drive traffic to a website and incite purchases. However, social media is not strictly advertising, it’s also a great place for a brand to hone its voice and connect in a more conversational/ lifestyle format to potential clients. 

LinkedIn: We’ve highlighted LinkedIn because it’s a unique platform that functions as a mini-website not only for a business or brand but also for its leaders. Content on LinkedIn is used specifically to establish expertise and credibility both for companies themselves and those who work at these businesses. 

So now that we’ve discussed different homes for on-line content, we’ll cover off on how to strike the right tone for effective communication in our current environment.


  • Right now it’s important to communicate with empathy. This is not the time to put pressure on to make sales. Empathize, understand that everyone is afraid not only of illness but also of economic consequences. Consider posts about how your business is responding to the changes COVID-19 has brought, sharing what you’re doing to keep your customers safe and your brand relevant. 
  • If your business offers e-commerce, let your audience know that you’re up and running, ready to serve them with the products and services that they need. Focus your message on your wish to help whether it’s by offering basic services such as grocery delivery or communication strategies for businesses, your brand is enabling people to continue on with their lives. 
  • Create free information that will help clients and potential clients make decisions, share knowledge, learn more about a subject of interest, and generally enrich their lives. Make the information the priority and only then offer your brand’s services as a means of continuing the conversation.
  • Breakdown complex information into short, digestible snippets that let the reader know how much time is expected from him or her. For example, the title, 5 Best Water Bottles on the Market Today; is easier and more inviting than What to Look for in a Good Water Bottle. The former title gives the reader a hint of how much of a time commitment an article or post will require and also that the key points will be easily scannable. 
  • Offer content of varying lengths using the different platforms above. Balance longer format blogs with shorter, visually-driven posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 
  • Use imagery! According to Entrepreneur Magazine, 65% of the U.S. population categorizes themselves as visual learners. Infographics, photos, and visual ways of displaying data will go a long way with your audience. This applies to long and short format communications. 
  • Don’t go overboard with generalized keywords. Yes, keywords should be a part of blog articles for SEO results, but it doesn’t mean that you should water down your content in the hopes of it being more searchable. Guard your integrity closely. 
  • Do use #hashtags as these will make your posts easily searchable within platforms. Also, do tag others whenever possible to widen your reach. 

Keep communicating, keep listening and continue to let your audience know that you’re here and that you want to help! As always, we want to hear from you! What is your favorite online communication tool? What posts or articles have brought you the most success? 

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