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The Importance Of A User-Friendly Product/Service

Have you ever wondered the best way to make sure a design is efficient and user-friendly? Have you ever wondered what your design looks like from your user’s perspective? You probably have.

The most important aspect of any product or service is whether it is user-friendly. This is one of the only things that matters in the end. While true for any product or service, it is especially true when your product includes any sort of digital platform. Products and services with high quantities of daily users will need to pay attention to this more than anyone.

This is because these platforms are so dependent on users being able to use them accurately. Your users need to be able to execute the actions that we want them to. Then, at the very least, we can say we’ve accomplished our most basic objective.

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How Can We Make Sure Our Product/Service Is User-Friendly?

The most effective way to prove that our designs will accomplish this user-friendly objective is through user testing throughout all stages of the project. There are many ways to do this kind of testing.

The most common way is to invite users, who align with our target user profile, to come in and interact with our platform. We ask our test subject to narrate out loud all of their actions, decisions, difficulties, and doubts.

There are other ways to do this testing. There are online platforms that allow us to create videos of the screens our user is seeing, record their sound, register the mouse movement and timing, look at heat maps, and eye tracking. While excellent for giving feedback on the user-friendliness of a product, these methods can be expensive due to the technology and platforms they involve.

The Importance Of User Testing

Testing with real users allows us to validate the efficiency of our designs so that we can solve problems and optimize as early as possible in a project. Economically, user testing is much cheaper than launching a product into the market that doesn’t really fulfill the objectives you wanted to fulfill.

It’s also worth it to mention that one of the benefits of this user experience design tool is that it allows us to come to conclusions based on actions and not opinions. For example, if a participant doesn’t know where to click on a web page, that is a fact. Without the test, the best you’ll have is a designer that says “I don’t think the user will see this button.” That’s an opinion, not a fact and doesn’t really tell you want to do next.

Who Can Benefit From User Testing?

Regardless of how small or big your company is, you should be making decisions based on conclusive facts. These fact-based decisions guarantee a better user experience and success for your new product or service. User testing doesn’t have to be expensive. You can go as in-depth as you want, but all products and services will benefit from at least minimal testing.

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