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Content marketing is all about engaging your readers and viewers with content that interests them and provides them with something valuable or entertaining. In order to know what this interesting, valuable, and entertaining material is, you need to know your audience, inside and out.

And once you know this info about your audience, you can use different themes to reach them. During the winter time, people have unique behaviors, thoughts, and things they need or are interested in.


This is an exceptionally important point for the banking industry, an industry where digital marketing and sales revolves around getting into their customer’s head and knowing what they need and when. To show you what we mean, let’s talk about four different kinds of customers you can create content for during the holidays.


University deadlines are usually in the winter, between December and February. College advisors suggest students fill out their financial aid documents in the winter, before the deadlines in the spring. This is a great opportunity for banks because they can create content about the merits of different kinds of loans for students, since students and families are already thinking about how they are going to pay for college.

People are thinking about changing their lives once the new year rolls around. They are thinking about their future houses, cars, and other big expenses they would like to make in the coming months. Banks can reach prospective customers by creating content that inspires them to make those life decisions comfortably, with the support of their banks.


Since the Consumer Electronics Show usually occurs early or mid January, banking marketers can take advantage of the drop in electronics prices to encourage customers to buy…and use their credit to do so. If banks have any deals with companies or brands, now is a great time to showcase them.


Winter is when many people start to plan spring break and summer vacations. Even budget vacations mean money is going to be spent, so that gives banks an opportunity to show customers all of the benefits of spending with their credit cards, whether that means benefits with airlines, or the different stores customers can use their points at.


From those looking to make new life-changing and improving decisions, to those who are taking advantage of great deals, people are spending and your voice has to rise above the competition to show customers why they should choose you. Content marketing is all about doing that. It’s about reaching customers where they are and showing that you care by giving them helpful information.

Care about your target audience and show them that. They will find you easier, choose you instead of others, and keep coming back for more.


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